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Celebrating with Numbers

Decorate around the date!

Michelle Virtue with Campus Floral shares ways to celebrate with numbers.

You might find this hard to believe, but sometimes crunching NUMBERS can
be FUN—especially when there’s a celebration involved. Creating a party
theme centered around digits is an exciting trend that can translate into
amazing birthday, anniversary, wedding and everyday celebrations.

1. The number should be meaningful (age, years together, lucky #, date).

2. Be consistant and carry the theme throughout the entire party—make it
obvious! From invitations to favors, a simple number can steal the show.

3. Use numbers in unexpected and creative ways—once you start
brainstorming, you’ll see number possibilities everywhere.

Here are a few of our favorite tips and brainstorming results—

-Try centering your party around a set holiday date. Focus on the 14 for
Valentine’s Day or the number 4 for Independence Day (4 stars on the
invitation, 4 types of soda, sparkler packages decked in 4s—you get the

-Use “numbered” candy to carry out your theme with a sweet treat (Uno bars,
Take 5, 3 Musketeers).

-Make nametags and signs with numbers inserted—like computer
passwords. M1che11e, H011y, 31isab3th.

-Create a treasure by number hunt for children or kids at heart. Use
numbered balloons and punched number confetti.

-Cake walk, anyone??? These number templates are really helpful!


-Use playing cards (Uno, Phase 10, Rook) as an adult party theme or as

-Engrave wood, etch glass, paint with stencils, chalk the sidewalk at your
party entrance—let your numbers do the talking.

-Greet your guests with a number wreath created out of cardboard or foam.
Cover in silk flower petals, buttons, twigs, yarn, scrapbooking paper, photos,
fabric, paint etc.

-If you’re really patient and crafty, a homemade number pinata will still the

-Print numbers on t-shirts, table linens, linen or burlap.

-Create number decorations using unexpected elements (cork, nails, vinyl
decals, flashcards, home address numbers, buttons, fabric, balloons,
cupcakes, candles, yarn, photos, pipe cleaners, etc.)—almost anything can
become a number.

-Number t-shirts for guests or the guest of honor. Use numbers in
garlands, buttons and party hats.


-Use styrofoam to create 3-D numbers. We love the idea of using spheres
to create 8s and then covering them with fresh flowers for a centerpiece.

-Let your food be numbered among the most memorable parts of your party.

Numbered ice cubes are easy with these Sillycone number trays.

Number cookies or JELLO jigglers.

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