Lightpoint Weight and Health Transformation

Losing weight is traditionally one of the most popular goals in January. No
matter what time of year it is, making those changes for your body has to
start with your brain.

Dr. Robert Jones from Lightpoint explains how people can make successful

Lightpoint is located in Salt Lake City, UT and is in the business of changing
lives through facilitating long-term weight mastery. It is the culmination of
the research, passion, and medical and therapy practices of Robert Jones DC,
Bernell Christensen PhD, and Michael Purles. Their collaboration has the
potential to be the most significant breakthrough in providing the individual
help you need to regain long-term control of your weight and overall health.

Their research and medical development efforts have resulted in the
Lightpoint Transformation Program, the only weight-mastery program of its
kind. It utilizes an integrated brain science and medical approach to long-
term weight loss and management that is revolutionary. This is accomplished

· Rewiring the brain for behavioral and habit change

· Eliminating the negative impacts of hormone imbalance

· Appropriate application of nutrition and other physical fitness tools

· Establishing mental and emotional freedom

The result: weight mastery and lifestyle change that lasts.

Why Is This Program Needed?

The need for a program that works long-term, ending the “yo-yo” experience
of losing weight and regaining it over and over again is quite evident. The
national statistics are discouraging:

· Only 5% of those who work at losing weight through dieting and other
programs are successful long-term.

· The remaining 95% regain 2/3 of the weight the following year and all of
the weight and often more by the fifth year.

These statistics are not only “eye catching,” but indicate that current weight
loss programs are only short-term—temporary in their benefits. This

o Diets

o Meal replacement programs

o Fitness programs

o Boot camps

o Bariatric surgery

o Other weight loss aids

The statistics clearly indicate that there must be a missing component and
Lightpoint has uncovered it: brain change. Any program that does not inspire
and produce brain change is doomed to fail for the long-term.

The Future

If you have tried multiple diets and programs without success, then you are
aware that there must be something more. Long-term weight loss and
wellness cannot be accomplished without balancing and normalizing both
mental and physical factors together. It begins with rewiring your brain, while
integrating eating, fitness, and other physical and mental factors.

With your brain in charge you will have the power to:

· Overcome food addictions, ending emotional and eating slavery

· Live as people who are naturally thin

· Utilize nutrition for body and brain wellness

· Determine the types and amounts of exercise needed to be “fit”

· Maintain your weight and wellness at optimum levels

· Never have to diet again–living and eating according to your body’s

· Enjoy mental, emotional, and physical freedom once again

The Lightpoint Transformation Program

This program has two phases:

1. Education and Empowerment: a 4-week period of instruction and

2. Aftercare: a one year program designed to provide additional energy,
support, development, and lifestyle change until you become the “master.”
The list of success factors that you will track is quite lengthy, more than
twenty that are key in providing balanced health and wellness.

Phase 1—Education and Empowerment. During the first four weeks of the
program there are nine seminar sessions conducted on one Saturday
morning, then Tuesday and Thursday evenings, three hours each at our Salt
Lake City location. The integrated instruction will include such topics as:

· Personal life philosophy

· Change your brain process and tools

· Food addiction

· Self-sabotage

· Vital hormones—testing results and consultation

· Nutrition and eating strategies

· Optimizing physiological processes

· Exercise and fitness

· Detoxification

· Mental and emotional liberation

Phase2—Aftercare. Brain science has shown that it takes several months for
most people to totally re-wire their brains for a new healthy lifestyle. The
Transformation Program is a one-year program designed to meet the
individual needs of our clients. Some will rewire their brains in a few months.
Others may need a little longer.

This phase of the program includes:

· Use of the “members only” website with its specially designed aftercare

· Educational updates

· Online counseling

· Lightpoint Community Forum
Your progress and challenges will be monitored by the Lightpoint staff for
ongoing coaching support. Through the Internet, telephone, and in-person
follow-up(as available) you’ll stay connected to your teammates, mentor each
other, partner in their successes, and find renewed strength and vigor
through your own motivation and our support.

Does this resonate with you? Do you wonder if it might be the answer for
your weight challenge? Additional information is available at:


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