How to Wear Slip Extenders

We all have a skirt in our closet we never wear because it’s a tad too short or a tad too plain. A stylish slip extender can solve that problem…if you know how to pick the right one.

Sara Baker from spells out the wardrobe rules.

A stylish slip extender is the new way to add flair to your wardrobe. These slips are designed to be seen and are the perfect accessory to any dress or skirt. Each slip hem is embellished with classy quality trim for practicality and versatility.

Black Chiffon Ruffle:

I saw this dress and had to buy it even though it was too short. I’ve been waiting for the right occasion, but then I found this chiffon ruffle slip extender. Not only does it lengthen my dress it adds this gorgeous flair to my dress.

Black Sheer Embroidered Lace Ruffle:

We all have that drab wool skirt in the back of our closet. Pull it out; add this black embroidered slip, and drab becomes fab. When wearing wool stay away from cotton, like the eyelet ruffle extender.

White Eyelet:

For that thin sheer summer dress add a cotton eyelet extender to give you comfort while adding fashion. Looks great with western boots too.

Cream Venice Lace:

Take that colored pencil skirt that is your favorite and everyone else’s favorite and transform it to make it unique and your own with a little fringe.

You can find all these slip extenders on

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