Style File: Ankle Straps

They are an emerging Spring style you can’t walk away from. On flats, on heels…the ankle strap is making a big splash for Spring 2013.

Fashion consultant Emily McCormick breaks down how to wear it – and who should!

Ankle straps are everywhere for Spring. On flats, on heels…. that tiny little strap that buckles around the ankle is hot, hot, hot.

Fashion repeats itself: We’ve seen ankle straps before. In the 1920s, women wore T-straps, kitten heels with straps in the 60s, I’m wearing my grandmothers’ shoes from Paris in the 1940s. So, like almost everything in fashion (including some pretty scary trends that we wish would just die already!), these ankle straps are back and they’re a beautiful, feminine trend.

How are people wearing them this season?

The ankle cuff, or thick ankle strap, has had a nice little side-show going on for a while. But so many women couldn’t wear them. They draw a lot of attention to the ankle and exaggerate the break in the leg. This season we’re whittling down the thickness to show a more refined, sophisticated, feminine trend.

Who should wear ankle straps?

ANYONE can wear them! They just have to be the right TYPE for your body.

Things to be aware of:

The entire issue with wearing ankle straps is that they break up the line of the leg, cutting it off early, which visually shortens the leg (never a good thing!).

If you have short, heavy legs, and thicker ankles :

*Avoid the ankle cuff (the thick strap) entirely.

*Go with a strap that is thin.

*Look for heels, kitten or high heels.

*Skin-colored shoes look best. Match your leg color to avoid breaking the leg-line.

*If you want to wear a flat, choose a sleek ballet flat with a thin strap.

If you have large feet:

*Beware of color: bright will draw a lot of attention.

*Beware of the thickness of the strap: go thin!

*Beware of the size of sole: a platform is going to draw a lot more attention to your feet than a stiletto.

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