Human Lab: Lancome Oscillation Mascara

Four women rate and reveal Lancome’s new Oscillation mascara.

We asked the women to rate the product based on three prominent claims: lengthened lashes, increased volume, and remarkable separation.
Product: Lancome Oscillation Mascara; $34

What the rating means:

1 = No different than drugstore mascara, don’t waste your money

2 = Slight difference, but not enough to make me a fan

3 = Like it, but wouldn’t necessarily label as a “must buy”

4 = Really like it; product delivered on its claims

5 = Loved it – worth every penny!

What the women said:

Rian’s Rating = 3

– Lashes looked longer and separated

– Took a few days to get use to vibration and application

– Curious to find out how long it lasts

Marian’s Rating = 3

– No smudging

– Separates and extends lashes

– More natural looking than competitors

Jenn’s Rating = 1

– Harder to apply than regular mascara

– Got clumpy with application

– Prefers regular $6 drugstore brand

Jennifer’s Rating = 3

– Longer lashes

– Difficulty adjusting to the motorized wand

– Was unable to get even application

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