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Human Olympics: The Olympian teaching us to stop getting stuck in the past

Pay attention to what the human Olympics can teach you.

We’re watching these Olympians and seeing super-human ability. But behind every gold medal, is a story full of setbacks, sacrifice and even heartache.

Studio 5 Relationship Contributor Dr. Matt Townsend is focusing on that human side of the Olympic experience. He points out the in-between lessons that can inspire us all. One of the athletes that is inspiring right now is Sweden’s speed skater, Nils Van Der Poel. Here’s what Matt says we can learn from him.

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3 Lessons from Nils Van Der Poel

You aren’t limited to your past performances

Nils came in 14th in last Olympics

You can make monotonous jobs more interesting

He loves his sport but hates training because it’s too monotonous. He’s not eating, drinking and sleeping his sport, he succeeding and breaking records by being more balanced in his approach.  He found ways to stay interested in his sport and to keep training. He takes a more balanced approach. He ran ultra-marathons. He joined the Swedish Army Rangers and jumped out of a plane 1000 times.

Staying in love with your sport is like a marriage relationship

You have to take good care of it to keep it interesting.

He equates his love of the sport to a relationship that you have to keep working at it or it will get old and wear down.


What is most inspiring, is he recently overcame the tragic loss of his mom just after Winning the world Championships.


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