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‘It’s a game changer!’ A micro-stitch tool is the quick-fix you didn’t know you needed

Where has this micro-stitch tool been our whole lives?!

By Lauren Tippetts

You know those gadgets that come into your life and now it’s changed forever? Well, we have the next candidate. Recently, Kara Davis taught us how to make a darling bow garland. To attach them all together, she didn’t tie them, or use stringy hot glue – she used this micro-stitch tool.



MicroStitch Gun, $34.50

“They use these to attach price tags to clothing,” Kara explained. “Those are much longer, but this is a micro. It’s very mini.” For Kara’s project, it makes attaching bows together easier than hot glue.

She walked us through the easy steps, “I just tied my bows and brought the little ears together. I put my little micro-stitch tool in the middle and then just click it!” Repeat with more bows until your garland is the length you want it.

This method of attachment is very forgiving, too. “You can cut it if you don’t want them anymore and then use the ribbon for another project,” Kara said.

As with any good gadget, the MicroStich gun has a variety of uses. Our own Studio 5 producer Jill Broadbent keeps one in her dresser drawer. “I use it ALL the time!” she said.

“I use it for clothing adjustments,” Jill explained. “For something with a little gaping that I would normally reach for a safety pin to hold it in place, this adds a tiny clear stitch that you’ll never see.” Like with the bow project, just snip the stitch when you want it undone. It’s the perfect, semi-permanent alteration!

“I’ve also used it to hem my pants!” Jill exclaimed. “It is a game changer. I find I am reaching for it over and over.”

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