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Seth Bailey from talks about a new gift giving idea to compliment all the technology in your home.

There is a growing need for technical support in the home. People are adding new technology and software to the home environment every day, but not everyone is trained to be a tech expert. If you have a computer issue at work, you call your I.T. for support. So what do you do at home? Call and our personal technicians can help you!

We are personal tech experts for homes and small businesses with the number one goal of taking care of you and your technology.


When you call or connect to, one of our certified technicians connects to your computer or device remotely and fixes any problems you’re having. Whether on a PC or Mac, we can help you set up new technology, like a new computer, printer or even a digital camera. We also train you on how to maximize use of that technology based on your current set up. Plus, we help you troubleshoot problems with existing technology, such as speeding up and optimizing older computers or solving Outlook email problems. even offers regular system maintenance and security management.

iTOK Membership Includes:

1. Quarterly Computer Tune Up: deep clean and maintenance on your computer every three months. iTOK is the only provider in the market to offer proactive maintenance through computer tune-ups every three months.

2. iTOK Security: Anti-virus software that automatically detects and removes the latest viruses, spyware and malware. It also protects your personal identity so you can browse, shop and bank online with confidence.

3. iTOK Backup: Unlimited data backupsoftware that automatically backs up your files (documents, photos, emails, etc.) whenever you create or save them.

4. iTOK HelpDesk: Icon that sits on your desktop so you can simply click a button and get instant access to priority support.

5. Tech Support: Get instant access to U.S. based tech experts when you need help or have a question.

Go to www.iTOK.NET or call #1-866-515-iTOK and we’ll assess a current problem, provide a free cost estimate, and if you approve, we’ll fix it right then while you watch. We also guarantee our work with a 100% satisfaction for up to five full days or you don’t pay.

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