What Pops In 3D

Studio 5 Contributor and technology expert, Jessica Foust explores the world of 3D, just in time for Christmas.

What is 3D?
3D creators know that our eyes are naturally spaced apart and thus we see things at a different angle. It’s these different angles that allow us to see in 3D everyday by giving us true depth perception. 3D TVs use that fact and rapidly and imperceptibly serve up left-and-right eye images to immerse you in one of the best 3D experiences you can have outside the theater.

3D Consoles/Devises?
3D isn’t just being incorporated into TVs. Sony PlayStation 3 has high definition 3D gaming. It can also play back 3D movies and other content on Blu-ray 3D discs. There are quite a few video games you can play in 3D on the PlayStation 3 including EyePet, Wipeout HD, High Velocity Bowling and more.
Nintendo announced it will release the Nintendo 3DS in March 2011. But the neat thing about this device is that it doesn’t require glasses.

• It’s cool. The 3D TVs actually work and look pretty great –    bringing that theater experience home.

• Gamers and Sports Enthusiasts with love it. 3D can make you    feel like you’re part of the action. 3D TVs have a high refresh    rate, which is great for the fast moving images found in sports    and video games.

• Increase in 3D Content. Video game creators are expected to    release more 3D games. Plus more and more movies are being    made in 3D. ESPN and DIRECTV also have 3D channels.

• It’s expensive. The TV sets themselves are at least 200 dollars    more than their regular LCD TV counterparts. Plus you may have    to buy other equipment like a new 3D Blu-ray player.

• Glasses. Nobody really wants to wear them. 3D TVs normally    come with only one pair, so you’ll have to buy as many glasses    as the people you have over to watch your 3D TV.

• Lack of Content. Most of you what you normally watch today on    your TV is not ready made for 3D. If you don’t like sports or    video games, or the handful of 3D movies that have released –    what will you even watch in 3D?

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