Jerry Seiner Dealerships: Fixing Scratches

Fortunately technology has helped with some great solutions to these problems, making fixes quick and inexpensive. Anthony Greenhalgh with the Jerry Seiner Dealerships talks about fixing scratches.

Keeping our cars looking like the late models is tough. Dents, dings and cracked glass are several items that age the appearance of a vehicle. Fortunately technology has helped advance the solutions to these problems, making the fixes quicker and less expensive. With mobile repair units, these items often can be repaired on site at your home or work, adding to the convenience.

Many types of door dents or small dings are fixed without sanding, filler or painting, preserving the integrity of the vehicle’s original factory finish. Technicians use specially designed tools that allow them to access the probem and actually massage it out. If paint touch-ups are required, the technology is available to match your vehicle and repair scratches, minor chips and blemishes on most surfaces.

There are a couple of factors that have an effect on the success of this process.

1) The location of the dent on the car is important. A dent on the edge of a door, trunk or hood probably can’t be fixed using this process

2) If there is paint damage or scrapes across multiple panels, this may indicate that the damage is too severe, as the paint may crack as the dent is removed.

Before you have any repairs performed, the Car Care Council reminds you to choose the faiclity as carefully as you would choose your automotive repair shop. Be sure to get all estimates and warranties in writing. Ask for two or three references and call them. Find, find out what happens if you’re dissatisfied with the job.

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