Vintage Suitcases

Jenn Heslop explains how to transform an old suitcase into a useful, fashionable house hold item.


Simply wash the exterior and interior of the case with dish soap and water. If the interior is torn or stained, it is easy to rip the lining out and replace it with a decorative paper or wall-paper. Simply strip down the interior and mod-podge your decorative paper directly to the case.
Once interior is dry. Fill the case with whatever you desire.

Craft Case

Create an attractive craft case, or first aid kit. An overnight house guest suitcase could include fresh towels, shampoo, toothpaste, alarm clock, notebook and pen and a water glass. Use your imagination.

Pet Bed

To create an eye-catching pet bed, attach small furniture legs to base of case. Attach a locking hinge to lid to ensure the lid will not close. Lay a pillow or folded blanket inside the case to create a bed for your pet.

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