Jerry Seiner Dealerships: Teen Driving Safety Tips

Jill Lloyd with Jerry Seiner Dealerships joins us with some important ways you can help your teen navigate through this difficult period. Tips are a partial list provided by AAA.


Tip #1

Evaluate your teen’s readiness

Teens have not devleoped over 30 skills that adults have, because of experience on the road. These areas include failure to yield, following too close, stopping distances needed between cars when emergency stopping, etc.

Tip #2

Be a responsible role model

A parent’s risky driving behavior directly correlates to poor teen driving

Tip #3

Eliminate distractions

Cell phones, text messasging, putting on make-up, etc are off limits in a vehicle (As of July 1, 2008, California will ban inexperienced teens from using cell and other wireless devices while driving)

Tip #4

Restrict passengers and night driving

Chances of crashing increase with each additional teen passenger and spike at night mostly between 9 PM and Midnight

Tip #5

Take advantage of driver’s ed classes or other driver safety programs

AAA offers DriverZED, an interactive DVD with over 100 live-action scenarios. You can order by going to

Tip #6

Get enough sleep

Lack of sleep can affect vision,hand-eye coordination, reaction time and judgment

Tip #7

Parent/Teen agreements

Each parent and teen must have rules, restrictions and consequeences for improper driving. Driving is a privilege.

Tip #8

Choose the safest vehicle

Your teen should drive the safest car in the family. Sedans are safer than sports cars, SUVs and pickup trucks. The larger the vehicle, the better. Also try to go for front and side airbags.

Great tips for parents. Again those tips come from AAA and if you’d like to leanr more, go to their website at and look for “teensmart” to get their DVD. And to find one of those perfect sedans for that teen, visit the gm guyys online at or at your nearest Jerry Seiner Dealerships located in bountiful, Salt Lake and South Jordan.

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