John Paras Furniture: The Best Choice

Over their 50 years in business, they’ve learned to make buying furniture refreshingly simple. You don’t need to watch the papers or television to get the best deal. Combine their great prices with their Free Delivery and you’ve just made the best choice in a furniture store.
Their exceptional customer service is second to none. John Paras Furniture invites you to come visit any of their locations, and help them meet any of your furnishing needs.

Derrick Deaton with John Paras Furniture talks about ways to have a Million Dollar Makeover on a Budget

Million Dollar Makeover on a Budget

Furnishing your home does not have to cost you a mint. John Paras Furniture has made it their goal to provide furniture that looks like a million bucks without the million dollar price tag. Here are some suggestions on saving:

• Use the sales associates. Don’t be afraid to ask them to point you in the right direction. Ask them where the best values are. Let them save you time and get you started on the right track.

• Save money by not paying for common services. John paras Furniture has a true free delivery program. You can use the $70 that you saved from the free delivery for accessories.

• Never pass up a clearance center. Especially clearance centers attached to a major store.

• We all have that friend who’s home just looks perfect inside. They have furniture you’ve not seen anywhere before. All the colors go perfect together. Custom furniture does not need to cost you tons of money and it’s the best way to get the colors that you need.

• The major furniture manufacturers do their best to create a look they think will look great in everyone’s home. But you’re not everyone. Sometimes people will find just what they’re looking for on the showroom floor. Some know exactly what they want and have trouble finding it. That’s when designing your own sofa is the best way to go. Just choose the style of frame you like from the ones in the John Paras showroom and you can also pick the body fabric and the pillow fabric that fits you best.

Free Delivery Policy

John Paras Furniture offers free delivery up to 100 miles from the purchase location on qualifying items over $250. Deliveries are only available to homes with access via paved and unobstructed roads. Delivery may also be arranged to homes in excess of 100 miles at the price of $1 per mile from the purchase location. Please note that traffic conditions, equipment failure, and other unforeseen events are beyond our control and we are not to be held responsible.

Credit Options

Revolving Charge

Just like a credit card, this option allows you to purchase up to your designated limit at any time. You receive a detailed statement each month which lists purchases, payments, and other information about your account. O.A.C.

Installment Loan

The installment loan option is great for those who would like a specified payment on a certain day of each month. This payment will not change once the contract has been written. You are able to change the payment at the time of purchase by adjusting the amount of payments you would like to make. $20 minimum payment is required. John Paras Furniture will finance up to 36 months. O.A.C.

Rent to Own

For those with less than perfect credit, this option works for almost anybody. There is no credit check! You just need to fill out one of their painless applications, and wait for the information to be verified.

The John Paras Furniture Layaway Program is for those who do not want to pay interest and would like to reserve merchandise. Their layaway program runs for 60 days. You are only required to pay a 10% down payment, and 10% per month. No credit check is necessary. You just pay the balance when you are ready to receive the furniture or at the end of the second month, whichever comes first.

For more information, go on line to

John Paras Furniture in Sandy

OPEN: 10am to 8pm Mon – Sat



560 W. 9000 S.

Sandy, UT 84070

Phone# (801) 352-7400

Fax # (801) 352-8439

John Paras Clearance in West Valley

OPEN: 10am to 8pm Mon – Sat



3565 S. Redwood Rd..

West Valley, UT 84119

Phone# (801) 973-7051

Fax # (801) 977-0708

John Paras Furniture in Rock Springs, WY

OPEN: 9am to 7pm Mon – Sat


Physical address:

1850 Foothill Blvd.

Rock Springs, WY 82901

Mailing address:

P.O. Box 1259

Rock Springs, WY 82902

Phone# (307) 382-9344

Fax # (307) 382-5647

John Paras Furniture in Ogden

OPEN: 10am to 8pm Mon – Sat



4130 Riverdale Rd.

Ogden, UT 84405

Phone# (801) 334-7888

Fax # (801) 334-7820

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