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Jump back on the treadmill! 3 treadmill workouts that will get your heart pumping

Add some new treadmill workouts to your exercise routine.

Call it a comeback, if you will, but treadmill workouts are making a big resurgence in the fitness world, proving that running in place isn’t going anywhere. Who better to guide us through some fun ways to mix it up than fitness trainer Lindsey Mathews?

Lindsey shared some exciting treadmill workout variations that will keep you engaged and make the time fly by.

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3 New Treadmill Workouts to Try

Lindsey admitted that while it may not be the most visually stimulating activity, she enjoys mixing it up to make it more interesting. She emphasized the importance of finding ways to keep yourself entertained while on the treadmill, such as watching entertaining shows or videos.

But what about the benefits of a cardio workout on a treadmill? Lindsey said that it adds to your overall cardiovascular fitness and has numerous advantages for your heart and mental health. As for whether the treadmill provides the same benefits as running outdoors, Lindsey believes it comes down to personal preference.

The “12-3-30” Workout

One popular treadmill workout Lindsay mentioned is the “12 3 30,” which gained viral attention on TikTok. This workout involves walking at a 12% incline and a speed of 3 miles per hour for 30 minutes. While it may sound simple, the incline and slower pace offer a challenging workout that gets your heart rate up and engages different muscles.

Gradual Incline Increase

Lindsey also recommended a walking interval workout that gradually increases the incline every minute until reaching a challenging level. This intense five-minute segment is followed by a cooldown. The mental game is crucial during these workouts, as staying motivated and pushing through the challenging moments is essential.

Walk-Jog Mix

For those seeking a higher intensity workout, Lindsey suggested a mix of walking and jogging with varying inclines. By alternating between incline intervals and jogging on a flat surface, you can increase the intensity while giving your body a well-rounded workout.

To ensure proper form, Lindsey emphasized the importance of standing upright and avoiding slouching or gripping the handrails. She also encouraged using your arms for balance and engaging your core. When it comes to impact, the treadmill is generally more forgiving on the knees compared to running on concrete.

Finally, Lindsey addressed the question of how much cardio is ideal for a workout. She advised looking at it on a weekly scale and tailoring it to your preferences and schedule. Whether you choose shorter, more frequent cardio sessions, or longer workouts a few times a week, finding a balance that works for you is key.

Treadmill workouts are back in the spotlight, and there are plenty of exciting ways to keep them engaging and effective. With the guidance of trainers like Lindsey and the variety of workout options available, you can make the most of your treadmill sessions and achieve your fitness goals. So, hop on that treadmill and get ready to elevate your workout routine!

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