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Let’s get physical! Keep the kids active at home with these online options

Getting restless? Here are some online ways to keep your kids active.

By Lauren Tippetts

Being cooped up inside for the majority of each day can make for some stir crazy kids! Thankfully, some dance studios and gyms are putting their classes online. It’s a great opportunity for kids to learn new things, and of course, get some of that pent up energy out!

Keep Kids Active With These At-Home Physical Activities

Virtual Karate Lessons

Kaysville Karate is offering virtual classes for the community. Find them at

P.E. With Joe

The Body Coach on YouTube is streaming free daily gym classes. You can find them after the stream on his channel. They are 30 minutes of simple exercises that get your kids moving. And why not join in and get your own workout in too?

Virtual Tumbling Classes

If you’re willing to spend a little money, this is a great option to consider. Kids can learn tumbling at home! There are courses for all skill levels, so if your child is a beginner, or just missing their gym class, you can find a good fit.

Yoga for Kids

Cosmic Kids Yoga is another great YouTube channel for online workouts. Specifically made for kids 3+, the routines are easy to do and fun to watch.

YouTube Ballet Resources

Keep that little dancer going! There are a lot of great YouTube videos for ballet practice. Here are some stand outs:

The Royal Ballet Company Full Class
Online Pilates Session
Ballet Barre Session
Online Ballet Class
The Royal Ballet Full Class 2
Ballet Improv Techniques
Feet Exercises
Turnout Exercises
Core Strengthening Exercises

Find our resource list of free online activities here.

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