Kid to Kid can help moms save cash

Kid to Kid can help moms save cash

Mother’s Day is coming up, and you wouldn’t ordinarily think of Kid to Kid in conjunction with moms. Although most of the products at Kid to Kid are for children, here are five ways that Kid to Kid can help moms.

First, Kid to Kid can help moms earn extra cash. The company calls it “Mommy Money,” because moms can get some extra cash by selling their child’s unneeded clothes and items. Kid to Kid appreciates all the work moms do finding nice things for their kids and keeping them in great shape – and Kid to Kid is willing to pay for that work. Kid to Kid recognizes that time is valuable, and will get you in and out with cash in hand.

Second, Kid to Kid has all the books and toys your child would need, at a fraction of the retail price. One of the biggest jobs a mom has is making sure their kids are stimulated and are learning good things. Kid to Kid can help give them a head start in school, and keep them learning over the summer. Moms can choose from hundreds of books and DVDs to keep them busy and entertained while fixing dinner or fun educational toys that kids can play with in the car.

Third, Kid to Kid has a wide selection of stylish maternity clothing for the mother-to-be. It’s an easy way for moms to save cash, and outfit themselves for less money.

Fourth, Kid to Kid can help moms who are looking for ways to stretch the family budget. Moms can save money by shopping Kid to Kid’s large selection of trade-in clothing, at a fraction of the cost. The company has outfits for all ages and styles, and receives new items every day.

Finally, for a limited time, Kid to Kid is helping moms this Mother’s Day by giving away a free necklace with any purchase. To receive this special offer, moms just need to say “Studio 5,” and they’ll receive a free necklace. It’s Kid to Kid’s way of saying thanks to all the hard work that moms do every day.

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