Snapshot of Heaven: Stylish Newborn Photos.

Snapshot of Heaven: Stylish Newborn Photos.

Before you bring home baby, think ahead to how you will capture those first peaceful sleepy days on your memory card.

Photographer Marissa Vargason’s signature style snuggles up newborns in texture and warmth. She says you can stylish snapshots with a few tips on posing and staging.

1. Room conditions.

· be calm and not in a rush as newborns sense everything.

· have the room be warm. Turn up the heat or have a space heater on the baby.

· Use a womb sounds animal or white noise.

2. Swaddle.

· awake shots can be fun, but not with flailing limbs.

· swaddling can calm a fussy baby as well.

3. Use textures.

· baskets from home.

· blankets with weave or fun textures.

· knit hats are always fun.

4. Make sure you are propping up your newborn, or that you are shooting at their level.

· sometimes babies sink because they do not have head support. Use blankets, the babies hands etc to prop baby up. Make sure to shoot at their level.


Award-winning children’s photographer Marissa Vargason describes her photographic style as pure and simple. A studio and on-location photographer, Marissa specializes in newborn and children’s photography. “The purity of newborns, the wrinkles, the curled up innocence I just love it!” She explains.

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