Kid to Kid Model Search

Your kid could be a model. Kid to Kid is a retail chain that buys and sells
gently used children’s items and they not only give you a chance to make
some extra cash by cleaning out your closet, but they are looking for a face
to go along with the idea.

Cassie Heap, from Kid to Kid, shows how to take advantage of Kid to Kid
bargains and how to get your child considered for the model search.

Selling you children’s clothing, toys and accessories is a great way to clean
out your closet and to make some extra cash this spring. Kid to Kid is a retail
chain that buys and sells gently used children’s items with 11 convenient
Utah locations from Ogden to St. George. Kid to Kid purchases everything
from kids’ clothing and toys to strollers, maternity wear and shoes. Some of
the most popular items that Kid to Kid is carrying right now include Easter
dresses, dance wear, spring-time clothing and cute hair accessories like
bows, headbands and flower clip-ins.

Before you visit Kid to Kid, browse through your closets and set aside all of
the clothing, shoes and toys that your kids no longer use. Bring those items
into Kid to Kid and if they meet the store’s quality standards, you will have
the chance to sell them for cash or trade them in for a completely new
wardrobe. Kid to Kid carries brands including Gymboree, Justice, Hollister
and Fisher Price and sells those items at prices that are up to 70 percent
lower than regular mall prices.

Kid to Kid will pay more for items that are freshly laundered and that are in
like-new condition. Be sure to take a few minutes to prepare your items
before you bring them in. When you sell items at Kid to Kid, you can either
choose to take the store’s cash offer, or you have the option to take store
credit, which is always 20 percent more than the cash offer. Many of Kid to
Kid’s customers take advantage of the store credit option because they are
able to put that additional 20 percent toward new clothing, shoes and toys
for their children. You can pick up an entirely new wardrobe for your kids by
just trading in clothing that they no longer wear!

Your child could also be the next Kid to Kid model! All you need to do is
log onto Facebook and “Like” a Kid to Kid location near you. Then just upload
a picture of your child to enter the contest. Winners will have the chance to
appear on Kid to Kid’s website, Facebook page, email newsletter, participate
in an upcoming Kid to Kid photo shoot or even guest star on Kid to Kid’s
next Studio 5 appearance. Winners will be selected from all entries submitted
from Kid to Kid’s 11 Utah locations. The contest starts on Feb. 9.

This spring, clean out your closets, make some extra cash and find adorable
clothing and accessories at prices that can’t be beat at Kid to Kid. For more
information on Kid to Kid and to find a location in your area, visit

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