Kid to Kid: Spring Cleaning and Trading

Kid to Kid: Spring Cleaning and Trading

Wouldn’t it be cool if someone would pay you to clean out your closets? Kid to Kid, a store that buys and sells gently used children’s clothing and other items, has been helping families earn and save money since 1992.

Shauna Sloan, from Kid to Kid explains how it’s better to trade in your children’s clothing and toys as they grow out of them.

Kid to Kid’s Shauna Sloan says, “Kid to Kid is an international franchise based in Salt Lake City. Our stores buy children’s clothes, toys, and baby gear from parents whose kids have outgrown them, and then sell them to other families whose kids are the right size and age.”

Shauna and her husband, Brent, opened the first Kid to Kid store in 1992. Since then,

Kid to Kid has grown to include over 80 franchise stores including 12 stores in Utah from Ogden to St. George. The Sloans say that their stores each buy hundreds of items every day from parents in their communities – facilitating a great system of buying, selling and trading kids’ stuff.

Shauna notes that most parents invest thousands of dollars each year outfitting and equipping their kids, and kids usually outgrow these things quickly, before they are even worn out.

While Shauna acknowledges that some families use eBay, garage sales and even to sell items, she adds, “You can probably get a little more money selling items yourself if you’re willing to deal with the hassle of photographing, pricing, and posting items and having strangers come into your home. But this takes a lot of time.”

So, how do people work with Kid to Kid?

Shauna says, “Kid to Kid really is the most convenient way to get paid to clean out your closets. Just wash up the clothes and lay them flat in a laundry basket. Wipe down the toys and baby gear to make sure all the parts and pieces are there, and Kid to Kid will do the rest. Our trained buyers will sort through your items to assess their resale value, check for recalls so you, and then pay you cash for the items that we can sell. Anything Kid to Kid can’t use, you can donate to charity or give to a neighbor. You won’t get rich – but it’s a good way to earn something back for the nice things you’ve invested in for your kids.”

At Kid to Kid, people will earn the most for current things that are in excellent condition. Also, Kid to Kid typically pays more for outfits and better brands, and high-demand items like baby equipment and large toys.

Kid to Kid also offers a program wherein customers can take their payment in store credit. Under this program, customers earn 20 percent more than the cash price, so they can buy more for their kids.

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