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Do kids make parents less happy? Our parenting expert says no. Here’s why…

Whether parents are less happy or not comes down to mindset.

Ask any parent and they’ll say they love their kids, but does becoming a parent actually make us happier? It’s a question you feel guilty for even thinking about. We all could agree that children don’t make your life easier, so why do we keep having kids? Even the research is conflicting, with some saying it provides purpose.

Studio 5 Parenting Contributor Heather Johnson shares insight on a study done recently that concluded that if you want to be happy, be childless. The research was wrapped up in an article published in The Atlantic that got some raw reaction in parenting circles. Heather walks us through it, and shares how to reconcile the findings with your own beliefs.

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  • I appreciate that this article shows how not all of parenting is sunshine and roses. I didn’t love the first 6 months with my babies. People would look at me like I was monster when I dared say that. I think we need to recognize that parenting can be very fulfilling, but it also can be very hard and put a strain on your marriage. It doesn’t have to be either good or bad, it can be both.