Kid’s Vacation Entertainment Kit


Kids love vacation, but there’s always a little down time, when kids need a break from the sun! How do you fill that time?

Blogger Elizabeth Kartchner from Dear Lizzy shares 4 fun ideas to keep the kids entertained while on the go!

Art Kit Contents:

1 Art Journal: full of construction paper, pages from coloring books, cardstock, flash cards and other fun stuff. I will show more of the inside when we fill the pages.

2 Decorative Tape

3 A stamped fabric bag to hold it all

4 Watercolor

5 Journaling Cards and tags

6 Markers

7 A wood circle I painted with chalkboard paint + chalk

8 Paint Brushes + Paint

9 Instax Camera

10 Gluestick

11 A glassine bag full of chipboard shapes, foam heart and paper flowers.

Art Journal:

The cover is made out of chipboard and covered with patterned paper. Next, fill the album with construction paper, patterned paper, pages from coloring books, cardstock, flash cards and envelopes. Punch your holes and add book rings. Now it’s ready to decorate and fill with memories from your trip.

Wood Memory Game in a Bag:

A simple memory game I put together for our trip. It’s perfect for the sand but keep it away from the water.

First, paint one side of the wood circles. Get 2 sets of photos ready then cut the photos into circles. Last, attach the photos to the other side of the painted circle.

To play: Turn all the circles to the painted side. Take turns flipping over 2 of the circles until the 2 circles that are chosen are the same photo.

Nature Walk:

Start off the day with a nature walk. Whether you are at the beach, in the mountains or visiting grandma. Once you have collected your rocks or shells set them aside for the perfect time. I wait until my kids are less distracted and need something to do. That’s when you can pull out what they found on their walk and paint rocks, shells or branches. Use paints and brushes from your art kit.

Elizabeth Kartchner has evolved her ‘Dear Lizzy’ brand from a column in Creating Keepsakes magazine to a popular blog and now Dear Lizzy craft products. Check out craft ideas, fabric diy’s & photography inspiration on her blog:

Also, recently she launched a website where you can take inspiring, online workshops with a kit you receive in the mail… it’s called Something Splendid. It is very Splendid indeed.

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