Killer Arm Workout

Arms are quickly becoming a woman’s greatest accessory, but what if you
don’t have quite have the genes to look like Cameron Diaz or Michelle
Obama? Personal trainer Jeni Nielsen has all the basics and has broken down
everything a girl needs to know to get those killer toned arms no matter who
she is.

Ladies! Body weight work is amazing for your arms. Moves like the chest
push up and the tricep push up and planks not only work the core, but they
give your arms a tremendous workout.

And the movement you can do with added resistance like dumbbells and
exercise tubes give you an extra little push! Just remember it needs to be
enough resistance to challenge yourself and high repetitions like 15-20 reps
per exercise.

Cardiovascular training will only help to shed fat! So lace up the runners or
hop on the bike. Let’s get those fat burning systems buzzing! We’ve got
“killer arms” to sculpt!

And last but not least, nutrition. Let’s get rid of the foods in our diets that
keep us from getting those “killer arms”. Foods that are high in sugar and
saturated fat. Replace those foods with healthy eats! And what a great
season to do so!

Let’s get our sweat on!!!

Front shoulder = push up with shoulder taps
Middle = overhead press with dumbbells and a lunge
Back = bent over row with dumbbells and a squat

Step up with a bicep curl using a step and dumbbells

Tricep push up and a side plank

You can find Jeni Nielsen on Facebook or email for any questions.

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