Laci’s Latest: Sweet Stops

Today we have a whole list of Studio 5 treats to get you through February.
You know Mrs. Cavanaughs, but we’ve got 6 secret sweet shops, you might
not know about – to add to the list. In today’s Laci’s Latest, Studio 5
contributor Laci Davis shares her shares her favorite places to stop for
some sugar.

Plates & Palates
390 North 500 West, Bountiful
Coconut Cake $4.95 per slice

The Pie Dump
20 West 1400 South, Garland, Utah
Cinnamon Rolls & Dougnuts

Tulie Bakery
863 East 700 South, Salt Lake City
Chocolate Bouchon, $2.50

Idle Isle Candy
41 South Main, Brigham City
Almond Creme Toffee, 1/4 lb Gift Box $6.50

Bruges Waffles and Frites
336 West 300 South (Broadway), Salt Lake City
Waffle Monster, $9.00

Macadamia Clusters with Salted Carmel, $11.97 for a 2LB container

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