Gourmet Chocolate Milk Hits Utah

A new brand of gourmet chocolate milk is now available in Utah. Cocoa
Metro has been only available in a few select markets on the East Coast, but
now is here for chocolate lovers.

Cocoa Metro is currently available in the following stores:

Liberty Heights Fresh
Dan’s on Foothill
Macey’s in Sandy
Fresh Market in Holladay
Plus home delivery to northern Utah counties through Rose Hill Dairy (SLC
County not yet)


• Crafted in small batches with heaps of premium Belgian chocolate— at
least 3x more cocoa than any other brand.

• Short, all-natural ingredient list. No starch, salt or other weird things that
just don’t belong.

• Sweetened with natural raw cane sugar, no high fructose corn syrup.

• 2% reduced fat milk sourced from local farms using no hormones or other
nasties in their production.

• This is not your standard chocolate milk. It answers your deepest
chocolate cravings.

“Cocoa Metro has created what we can safely call the best chocolate
milk ever created… Without hesitation, this is a five star product” —Bevnet

“This dark chocolate milk is cold comfort” —The Boston Globe

“That stuff is like crack for chocolate lovers” —Jo Hoener of


Mike and Lizzy are chocolate people. In fact, they love it so much the
couple plans family vacations around proximity to cacao plantations. Mike
and Lizzy have both lived for extended periods of time in Europe where
they were first introduced to a much broader world of chocolate
experiences. Cocoa Metro dark drinking chocolate was born out of a
longing for a richer chocolate milk—something reminiscent of the European
drinking chocolates of Belgium, France, Germany and other countries. They
searched for something in the U.S. market that had a deep chocolate taste
and that wasn’t too sweet and syrupy. They couldn’t find it, so they decided
to craft some themselves. They are happy to introduce you to the result of
their cravings.

Cocoa Metro Dark Drinking Chocolate is premium chocolate milk with a
richer, deeper cocoa taste. A healthy dose of premium dark Belgian
chocolate, fresh milk from local dairies, evaporated cane juice, and natural
vanilla flavor give you a dark chocolate milk that answers serious chocolate
cravings. You know how dangerous unanswered chocolate cravings can be.
Cocoa Metro offers consumers the only high end dark Belgian chocolate
milk on the market. Cocoa Metro appeals to the growing U.S. segment that
is increasingly interested in dark and premium
chocolate while satisfying milk chocolate lovers with a richer chocolate

Owners Mike and Lizzy have been able to create, launch and promote a
brand—all with in-house
capabilities on a shoestring. Before earning an MBA at Babson, Mike was a
creative director for a national advertising agency. His clients included
Microsoft, Medtronic, and Plantronics. Mike’s dual strengths in marketing
and business have helped the start-up company succeed in a resession
economy. The hurting economy may have actually helped—who can’t find a
little solace in a tall glass of Belgian chocolate? Lizzy’s background in
professional photography and chocolate has been leaned on heavily. She is
a major contributing factor to the company even while finishing a graduate
degree at Harvard University.

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