Laser Facial Rejuvenation

Dr. Steve Jepson explains.

Many people are turning to cosmetic lasers for help turning back the time and rejuvenating their skin. And with good reason. Laser facial rejuvenation is safe, convenient, and effective. In the 6 years that I’ve been offering this service, laser facial rejuvenation options have multiplied and sometimes it can be confusing for the consumer, so let me walk you through some of laser cosmetics’ key points.

All cosmetic lasers work on the same basic principles. Energy, in the form of laser light, is delivered into the skin, and this energy affects the desired change, while leaving the surrounding tissue

unharmed. Downtime and discomfort varies depending on the type of treatment and laser used. Generally discomfort is mild. Some laser treatments will leave your face red for a few hours while other laser treatments can result in 5-7 days of redness.

Here’s what cosmetic lasers can do to help rejuvenate your face:

1. Remove Brown Spots

Lasers work by either peeling off a layer of skin, taking the unwanted pigment with it; or by breaking up the pigment which is then slowly dissolved away by your body

2. Reduce Redness

Lasers work by constricting the superficial blood flow that causes the redness and by destroying unneeded superficial red veins

3. Remove Facial Spider Veins

Evaporates the blood inside these unneeded vessels, effectively destroying the vein.

4. Smoothes Skin

Lasers work by removing the superficial layer of dead dirty rough unneeded skin

5. Tightens Skin

Lasers stimulate new collagen production in the deep layers of skin

6. Reduces Wrinkles

Lasers stimulate new collagen production underneath the wrinkles thereby filling them in from underneath.

There is not one single laser that accomplishes all of this. Different lasers do different things. Multiple laser options are available, so you will need to rely on your laser provider to guide you through your options and design a regimen based on your own individual concerns. But be careful. There are well over 50 different “brands” of cosmetic lasers. And most laser clinics will only have somewhere between 1 and 4 of these lasers on site (they are expensive to purchase and maintain). And certainly each clinic’s recommendation will be biased toward their on-site equipment. If the providers have done their homework, then they should be offering you the best laser options; and if they are honest, you will be directed towards the treatment that best addresses your facial concerns. Here are a few other recommendations to consider when shopping for laser facial rejuvenation.

1. Experience matters. I would recommend choosing a laser provider who is experienced. Laser clinics seem to come and go. Some pop up in malls or even in your local salon. I would recommend trusting your face only to a reputable cosmetic laser clinic – one with several years and many patients worth of experience

2. Doctor-operated. Any problems that I see occurring with facial laser treatments usually happen at the hand of a less-experienced laser technician or esthetician. I have always believed that these procedures should be performed by a physician. You will generally get better results with less chance for complications when your facial laser treatment is performed by a physician.

3. Newer equipment is usually more effective equipment. Laser facial treatments have been available in one form or another for 20 years. But laser technology evolves every 3-5 years. Newer technology will generally offer better results with less downtime. Make sure you are getting the best available treatment by making sure your provider is using updated equipment.

My clinic’s most popular facial rejuvenation laser treatment – Active FX – is on sale this month for 25% off. We have been offering this treatment for 2.5 years and I still feel that it offers the best overall single treatment facial rejuvenation currently available. But we also have several other types of facial laser treatments available and would be happy to consult with you about your own unique facial aging concerns. Feel welcome to call us at (801) 281-0022 to schedule a free consultation

Dr. Steven Jepson, M.D.

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