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The Beauty Solution: Make-up

Professional Make-Up Artist Amy Low shares solutions for all of your common beauty dilemmas.

Beauty Problem #1: Dark Circles

First, I like to prime with the under eye area with MAC’S “Fast Response Eye Cream” (MAC Fast Response Eye Cream , $30.00, Nordstrom). This product contains caffeine, vitamins, and emollients to reduce puffiness and quickly minimize the appearance of dark circles. This product perfectly primes the skin for makeup!

My absolute favorite eye concealer is MAC Select Cover-up (MAC Select Cover-Up, $16.50, Nordstrom). NW is the only way to go with this one…NW20 looks amazing on just about everyone!

Benefit also makes a great concealer called “Erase Paste” (Benefit Erase Paste, $26.00, This product is a little bit of a thicker formula, which works better for really dry skin.

The only powder I EVER use to set concealer is MAC’S “Translucent Finishing Powder” (MAC Translucent Finishing Powder, $22.00, Nordstrom). This is a colorless lightweight loose powder that will work on ANY skin tone. This helps to set and stabilize the concealer and minimize shine leaving the skin looking flawless.

Beauty Problem #2: Lip Color that Won’t Stay Put

First of all… ALWAYS make sure your lips are conditioned to prevent any texture and dryness. Keep some good chap stick by your bed and put a quick swipe on before bed.

Use a lip liner! Lip liner acts as a fence or barrier that will keep your lipstick or gloss from feathering. I like to always go just a shade darker to give lips some good depth

Use powder and a flat brush around the lip after you have applied lipstick…it’s that extra fence and will really give your lips great shape.

Beauty Problem #3: Over Plucked Eyebrows

Unfortunately, the only solution for over-plucked eyebrows is to (surprise!) grow them in. In the meantime, fake it until you make it! I am a HUGE fan of using shadow and an angled brush to fill in brows.

Here are a few of my favorite MAC shadow colors:

Blondes: Omega, Medium

Brunettes: Coquette

Dark Brunettes: Charcoal Brown

Red Heads: Soft Brown or Cork

Beauty Problem #4: Covering Blemishes

You never want to cake on the make-up to cover a blemish. Your face will look like cakey covered blemishes! Find a good buildable foundation and concealer and slowly build to desired coverage. If my client has a lot of puffiness and redness I like to add a little dab of “Fast Response Eye Cream” (MAC Fast Response Eye Cream, $30.00, Nordstrom). Rules are meant to be broken! You can always refer to color theory. The color complimentary color to Red is Green. Add a little green concealer if you want to neutralize skin tones.

Remember the best way to avoid getting Blemishes is NOT TO GET THEM!! Use good skincare, and drink lots of water!

Beauty Problem #5: Make-up Gets Cakey in Fine Lines

There are so many different reasons your makeup is getting cakey. Are you using the wrong foundation for your skin type? Are you setting your foundation properly? Are you using a good primer? Are you using brushes?

First and foremost: PRIME YOUR SKIN! I love MAC’s “Prep and Prime Face Protect SPF 50” (MAC Prep and Prime Face Protect SPF 50, $30.00, Nordstrom).

Brushes will make all the differences in the world! You will get the most even application with a brush and you can really buff that product into your skin to steer clear of the “cake!” Also sponges will soak up to 35% more product so you will go through your foundation quicker, so WHY NOT use a brush?! Make sure you are using a foundation that has the perfect finish for your skin. Most foundations come in satin, and matte. Using the wrong one could be detrimental!!!

I also love MAC’s “Fix +” (MAC Fix + , $18.00, Nordstrom), a product that helps extend the life of your make-up, throughout the day. You can apply this before foundation as a little ‘drink of water’ for your face and after, to set your foundation. This spray also gives you more playtime with your foundation before it sets so you get a really nice and EVEN “non-cakey” application. You can spritz yourself throughout the day for that fresh healthy glow. I use to be afraid of this product until I really learned about how to apply it (Fun Fact? “Fix +” is charged spring water from right here in Utah!).

Amy Lowe is a professional hair and makeup artist. She attended Taylor Andrews Academy of Hair Design and currently works in cosmetics. Amy performs cutting-edge freelance work for photo shoots, Bbrides, and special events. You can find her portfolio here:
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