The Beauty Solution: Jeans

From the right length to a fit that flatters, Studio 5 Contributor Jeanette Lefrandt helps us find the beauty solution.

If you are having the denim blues, here are some tips to help with 5 of the most common problems.

Denim Dilemma #1: Length

If you are one of those lucky, long-legged beauties, finding jeans that are long enough is always a problem. I have found that Rock & Republic Jeans are always lengthy. Some people even have to get them hemmed twice, because they didn’t take enough off the first time. Also, it is helpful to check out your favorite brand’s online store. Most brands’ online selection will provide more options, and while picking out your size you may also be able to select “tall.”

If you have shorter legs you absolutely, must and always get them hemmed! Wearing a longer pair of jeans will certainly give your legs that lengthy and beautiful appearance, especially with a good heel, but if you decide to wear flats, don’t you dare let that hem drag! If you don’t already have a favorite tailor, most department stores provide the service. If you don’t have the time or money, a seamstress or even duct tape are great temporary solutions! Fold the hem inside the pant leg to the desired spot, add the tape and finish it off with an iron to give it a crisp look. This is also great if you want to switch off wearing your favorite jeans with heels or flats, without ruining the hem!

Denim Dilemma #2: Flattering Pockets

A lot of women are insecure about their backend. Either they feel it is too small or they were “blessed” with a little more booty than most. The pockets on your jeans can make a huge difference!
If you feel like you aren’t getting enough attention in the back, add a fun pocket. True Religion Jeans are a perfect example of a good flap pocket. Their heavy stitching and even occasional sparkle are sure to draw in a little more focus. If turning heads is not your goal, try Sevens for All Mankind or Rock & Republic Jeans, for some slight embellishments and different colored stitching.

Should you feel you want to tone down your backend, stay away from those heavy embellished pockets. Look for a more neutral pocket that blends in with the rest of your jean. Under no circumstance should you ever wear a pocketless pant!

Denim Dilemma #3: Thighs

For sure the thighs are where I struggle the most. The last thing you want to do is get into a war with your jeans, and try to squeeze into that “ideal” size. If you are a little more on the curvy side, you are definitely going to want some denim with a little stretch. “Skinny” jeans do not make everyone look “skinny”, however, a little stretch can help us curvy gals out.
You want to find a jean that will balance you out with a little flair and good seem on the outer thigh. Citizens Of Humanity are a good example of a flattering seam. My personal favorites are Joe’s Jeans. I think they look fantastic on just about anybody! Just adding a cute heel will give you length and also give the illusion to a slimmer thigh. If thighs are your problem area, stay away from heavy stitching like True Religions have.

Denim Dilemma #4 and #5: Loose Hips and Gapping in Back

Once you find a jean that really fits your thigh, usually there is a problem with the way it fits your waist or hips. This leads to an even bigger problem of the gapping in the back. Ever since the trend of low-rise jeans we can’t seem to escape this. If possible, avoid low-rise jeans – very few people can really pull it off. One reason I love designer denim is because they are designed to fit a woman’s body. I have found less problems with the hips with Joe’s Jeans, Rock & Republics and Sevens for All Mankind. The difference? Some retail brands, like Old Navy, place a pile of fabric on a table and use a giant saw to cut through the denim. As you can imagine, the lower the blade goes the pattern tends to extend slightly and by the time it reaches the bottom, it is a completely different size of jean. Designer denim is priced the way it is because there is a much different process and fabric involved. With my favorite brand I know I can trust the size and never have to try it on in the store. With a brand like Old Navy, it may say size 4 but it may also be closer to a size 6.

My new favorite solution to the gapping in the hips and back is by AG Jeans. They have created an adorable designer denim with an elastic band! They are super comfortable, but they also won’t stretch out throughout the day and lose their shape in the waist!

Whatever you do, don’t be discouraged while trying to find the perfect pair of jeans! Take a girlfriend and a camera with you while trying them on, so you can really see how you look. There are several silhouettes, sizes and styles out there. Do not let the size disappoint you.

No one else knows what size you are wearing, so just make sure you love how you look and feel!

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