Layers Cakes: Macarons

You know them for their over-the-top incredible cakes, and now Layers’ is
serving French Macarons. Layers’ owner, Julie Hill, shares how macarons are
the new cupcakes of the baking world.

Julie says, “There are two types of macarons: An American version which
most people are familiar with (which are made with coconut), and French
macarons which look and taste very different and are even spelled differently.
French macarons are dainty sandwich cookies that can come in many colors
and flavors. They’re made with an almond flour and are a meringue-type
confection. At Layers, we’re baking macarons that are far from traditional–
including macaron lollipops, macarons as wedding favors, macarons in
different colors, macarons as Thanksgiving treats.”

Layers’ macarons are priced at $20 for one dozen. Layers’ lead-time on
orders is generally one to two weeks depending on the quantity ordered. To
place an order, call (801)699-5987 or e-mail

Hill, who previously worked as an attorney, started Layers in 2008. She says,
“My cakes are different from other cakes because they’re custom designed to
be whatever you want them to be. Essentially, you are the designer. You tell
me what you want for a wedding, a birthday or any occasion you want and I
will do it for you.”

Layers is located at 277 Hidden Lake Dr. in Bountiful. Customers can visit by
appointment only. If you want to order a cake or macarons from Layers call
(801)699-5987, or visit www.layers-

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