LazerBrite: Reinventing the Flashlight

LazerBrite: Reinventing the Flashlight

In just over a week your kids will be out trick-or-treating, with most likely, a
flashlight in hand. But instead of giving them the classic, black flashlight,
give them something they’ll actually want to hold on to. Greg Kennedy
explains how LazerBrite will change the way you think about flashlights.

Traditional glow sticks glow and traditional flashlights produce a
beam…Lazerbrite Modular LED Lights do both—at the same time—and a
whole lot more. Several innovative distinctions make Lazerbrite a trusted
choice for the U.S. military and the coolest light you’ll ever own.

Modular Lighting? How Lazerbrite Works

The Lazerbrite Modular LED Light reinvents traditional flashlights—creating a
new category in hand-held lighting. Two independent reversible LED light
heads connect to a translucent tube to create one complete Lazerbrite unit.
Each Lazerbrite can create a powerful LED glowstick, function as a flashlight,
or do both at the same time. Each unit can also split into two lights for
sharing and produce a focused spot. Connect multiple units together to
create a longer light baton in any color combination.

See and Be Seen—For Unmatched Safety!

LazerBrite’s modular design allows it to work as a glowing area light and a
flashlight at the same time. This unique featuremakes Lazerbrite an
unmatched LED safety light for use by adults and children. Lazerbrite is also:
Waterproof, Available in six bright colors plus infrared, LED bulbs areVisible
to 1 mile and batteries are included.

Lazerbrite, uniquely versatile, for a multitude of lighting needs:

• On The Road! Use LazerBrite has a safety light in a Red/White combination
while dealing with a vehicle problem on the highway.Use the white as a
flashlight to illuminate the problem, while using the red light to illuminate
the tube—allowing you to be seen by on-coming traffic.

• Kids &Halloween! While trick or treating Lazerbrite is the best choice to
keep kids visible in traffic as they zigzag across dimly lit streets. LazerBrite
LED heads with glow domes work great in Jack-o-lanterns eliminating the
fire hazard of a candle.For optimal use, attach Lazerbrite® to your child’s
bike trailer, stroller, or directly to a child. Plus, with 6 cool colors to choose
from children love using Lazerbrite®.

• For Emergencies! Use Lazerbrite in your Emergency preparation kits.
Perfectfor homes, vehicles, ATV’s and motorcycles. LazerBrite’s 10-year
battery shelf life makes it a trustworthy light for your home or auto
emergency preparedness kit.

• As A Gift! LazerBrite makes an excellent gift for any outdoor enthusiast.

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For images and demos visit the Lazerbrite Facebook page or
Made in the USA—Based in Moab, UT
Trusted by the U.S. Military
Guarantee: If You Don’t Love Lazerbrite We’ll Buy It Back. Period.

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