LDS Business College: New Entrepreneurship Program

Scott Newman, business program director, appears on Studio 5.

The new Entrepreneurship program gives students practical knowledge and hands-on practice in business plan development, financing, bookkeeping, marketing and other critical business skills. The program allows students to start the next Fortune 500 enterprise, or create a work-at-home, extra-income endeavor.

Home-based businesses—about 40 million in the United States alone—represent the fastest growing business segment,.

A large group of students out there, traditional and non-traditional, can benefit from this program. Those who know what they want will be better equipped with a deeper array of courses, and those who don’t know can be better educated to make sound decisions.
Instruction in the program includes basic principles of free enterprise; how to identify and evaluate small business ideas through a step-by-step process; skills and practices in budgeting, forecasting, working capital requirements, investment analysis, and decision making; financial accounting; transaction analysis and recording; business opportunity analysis; and hands-on marketing opportunities. Students prepare a marketing plan to launch a new entrepreneurial venture, and then market it. They also can incubate a new small business.
The program is highly flexible, allowing graduates to earn a two-year business degree in entrepreneurship, and one-year certificates in accounting and professionals sales.

The entrepreneurship component can be combined to other campus programs so students can earn a certificate of completion in entrepreneurship, designed for their specific major.

For example, interior design students with those additional hours can graduate with an interior design degree plus an entrepreneurship certificate. They learn not only the requirements of their chosen program, but they can also start their own interior design business.

LDS Business College, located in downtown Salt Lake City, offers the only two-year associates program of this kind in the state. The entrepreneurship series begins with the college’s fall semester in August.

For more information, go to or call the Admissions office at (801) 524-8100

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