Lee’s Heating and Air: Cutting Energy Costs

Tony Oakman – owner of Lee’s Heating and Air Conditioning explains how you can lower your electric bill by 60-70 percent.

Q: How is it that people spend 60-70 percent more if they have an old furnace?

Most furnace/AC systems that are 10 years old or older simply aren’t operating as efficiently as newer systems and are costing extra money…newer systems can lower your electric bills by 60-70 percent.

Q: What is the most common complaint you hear from people?

One of the most common complaints is that their homes have hot and cold spots. That is, one room feels like a sauna while others are like a refrigerator. If you experience hot and cold spots in your home, your furnace/AC system probably isn’t operating efficiently. This means you’re paying way too much in energy bills.

Q: What are some advantages to upgrading your system?

By using the state-of-the-art filter systems, you can remove over 99 percent of the particles and allergens in the air. In the winter, the same system will remove more than 99 percent of the flu and influenza germs from your home.

How to tell if your air conditioner is inefficient

• Average home of 2,000 sq. feet should have a summer electric bill that is less than $150 per month. An average home of 4,000 sq. feet should have a summer electric bill that is less than $175 per month.

• Ask your neighbors how their bill compares to your bill. It is more accurate to compare a similar size and/or age of homes. Bills should be close in usage of electricity.

• If you have rooms that are warmer or cooler than they should be while the air conditioner is running.

• If you ever see ice on the black hose going from the furnace area to the outside unit.

• If your lights seem to dim when the air conditioner turns on.

• If your fan makes a lot of noise.

• If you have to keep temperature at say 68 degrees on the thermostat to keep the upstairs at 75 degrees.

Things to check on your air conditioning system

• Check the outside unit for damage and be sure the sides of the unit are clean and free from grass or debris.

• Change your filter monthly.

• Check your thermostat to be sure all non-occupied times are set at least 4 degrees warmer but not more than 5 degrees.

• Check to be sure all your vents in the basement are adjusted to the off position.

• Check to be sure all your vents on main or upper floors are unobstructed and adjusted to the open position.

• Check to be sure no furniture is blocking any vents (on the floor type or on the wall types).

For more information Call Lee’s Heating and Air at 1-800-408-1561 or visit their Web site at www.leesheatac.com

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