Life Care Center of Bountiful

Beth Jones, Marketing Director of Life Care Center in Bountiful, comes to Studio 5


The focus at Life Care Center in Bountiful is one of comfort. Throughout Life Care facilities, the focus is on hospitality in all areas of service. When a resident moves into a nursing home, it becomes their new home. It is extremely important to make that a more luxurious experience. The level of comfort from home to nursing facility should as good as it was … or better. These areas include the Rapid Rehab suites and the beautiful dining areas.


When you need short-term rehab, Life Care Center of Bountiful is a great place to go. It’s important to look for a program that offers individualized care. Every individual is unique and everyone’s recovery process is going to be slightly different. So, it doesn’t make sense to offer all the same kind of treatment. Each patient needs his or her own plan of care. At Life Care Center of Bountiful, they work with the patient, his or her family and doctor to set the goals they need to meet to return to home.

The Rapid Rehab Program is different from other rehab programs. It consists of a 30-bed unit for people who need short-term rehab or post-surgical assistance. This is for people who come to receive therapy temporarily until they are able to return home.

Life Care Center understands that recovery takes focus and discipline and they strive to create an environment where each patient can relax and focus on what matters most – getting better. So the amenities are great, such as private suites, flat-screen TVs, internet access and dining options such as a separate dining room, a fine dining area and more.


Dining is important for residents in nursing homes. This is the residents’ home. LCC wants them to look forward to meals and the socializing aspect the dining room offers. They’ve tried to create a setting where residents can enjoy food and the company of friends and loved ones.

Also, in the past, the food in skilled nursing facilities had a bad reputation. It was often associated with plastic plates and no options. The LCC Fine Dining Program breaks those misconceptions. Their dining room is set up like a restaurant. Residents are seated and waited on. The tables are covered with beautiful table cloths, and fresh flowers are on the tables. Soft background music completes the atmosphere.

LCC prepares daily specials for residents to choose, but they also have staples that they offer everyday. It is important that residents enjoy each meal, so their dining team goes out of their way to prepare special dishes and old favorites. A chef can cook a resident’s favorite meal or fill a special request.

And remember, if you have questions or need different terminology explained, stop by Life Care Center of bountiful. They want to be a resource. It doesn’t matter if you have a love done in the facility or not. They are there to help.

For more information about Life Care Center of Bountiful, check out their website at or call (801) 295-3135. They’re located at 460 West 2600 South, Bountiful, UT

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