stovetop popcorn

Love List: Make the best stovetop popcorn with this old-fashioned popper

Stovetop popcorn is the best popcorn!

When we love it, we add it to the list! The Studio 5 Love List is an exclusive tab of OUR favorite finds.

This addition speaks to all of those upcoming cozy evenings in. It’s the perfect gadget to zhuzh up movie night or family game night. We’re adding the Whirley Pop to our Studio 5 Love List. Popcorn popping is an art. The crispiest, best-tasting popcorn is made on the stovetop.

This old-fashioned popper produces up to six quarts of perfect popcorn in just three minutes. It’s a simple technique – all you do is dump your kernels in the pot with a little bit of oil and turn the handle. But there’s a science to it. Steam vents in the pot release moisture, so your popcorn stays light, crisp, and tender. The easy-to-crank handle ensures that every kernel gets popped. It comes in multiple colors, and cleaning is as simple as swiping with a paper towel.

You can find it here for $40.


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