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Are you a propper shopper? Take the 5-question quiz to find out

Good manners aren’t just confined to formal dinners or polite conversations. Etiquette extends to everyday places, including the grocery store. Recently, the Food Network delved into the world of grocery store manners and interviewed etiquette experts to provide answers to the questions that we all wonder about.

Suzy Robertson took the propper shopper quiz, and some of the questions may surprise you!


The Propper Shopper Quiz

Question 1: Is it acceptable to abandon your shopping cart in the parking lot?

Suzy says, “I usually don’t, but sometimes, if it’s raining or if it’s quite a distance away, I’ve been tempted.” This is a sentiment many of us can relate to. However, the expert response is clear: always return your cart to the designated corral. The only exceptions are when you find yourself caught in a torrential downpour or when you’re alone with a child who’s having a meltdown.

Question 2: Should you bring 11 items to the 10-items-or-less checkout lane?

Suzy leans towards flexibility here, saying, “If there’s no one there, I probably would.” In cases where the self-checkout is your destination, having an extra item or two doesn’t feel as intrusive. The expert opinion echoes this with a lenient stance. They suggest thinking of the 10-items-or-less lane as a “soft 10,” allowing for a little extra wiggle room. It’s only considered rude when you bring a full cart.

Question 3: Is it okay to abandon an item far from where you found it in the store?

Most of us cringe when we encounter items left in odd places, especially if it’s a perishable item on a dry shelf. Suzy says, “I hate it.” However, the expert advice is surprising. It suggests that as long as the item isn’t perishable, it’s typically not a problem. They propose handing over dairy and frozen products to the cashier, but we, along with Suzy, believe it’s courteous to return any unwanted items to their rightful shelves.

Question 4: Is it okay to start snacking on food before you buy it?

Suzy and many of us are guilty of this one. Snacking before you’ve purchased the food can be quite tempting. The official stance is more relaxed. There isn’t a store policy against breaking open a bag of chips, as long as you intend to pay for it. However, the weight of the item might not be accurate if you snack before you weigh it.

Question 5: If no one’s around to help, should you climb the lower shelves to reach an item on the top shelf?

Climbing the shelves may seem like a practical solution when no one’s around to assist you. Suzy concedes, “I for sure have done it before.” But the verdict is clear: find an employee to help you. The shelves are not always stable and can be quite dangerous to climb.

This quiz reveals some insights into grocery store behavior, and while the official rules may be a bit more flexible than we thought, there’s no harm in sticking to courteous and considerate practices to make everyone’s shopping experience more enjoyable.

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