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Love List: This flashcard deck can help anxious flyers through a flight

If you have anxious flyers in your family, you might want to try this flashcard deck.

The Studio 5 Love List is like a girlfriend group chat where we share our favorite finds. For all of the family vacations you’re planning, you’ll want to add this to your packing list.

If flying is an anxiety-filled experience for you, pack this deck of flashcards in your carry on. Created by a former fearful flyer Brian Morris and airline captain Emma Henderson, the flashcard deck walks you through every step of your flight. As your plane takes off the runway, you sit and flip through the cards and read about the sounds and movements going on around you so you can feel less anxious.

It comes in flashcard format, or they offer a downloadable version that you can save to your phone. You can find them at flightdeck365.com.


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