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Tell your life story, page by page. This modern way to journal makes it easy

Telling your life story sounds daunting, but it can be simple!

The idea of writing one’s “life story” either sounds like a literal autobiography… or something that’s meant for those in their later season of life. But, you don’t have to wait and you don’t have to be overwhelmed with the process. Start now and make it easy.

Memory keeping expert Becky Higgins said it is doable with a modern approach to telling our stories and leaving a legacy that truly matters.


A Modern Twist to Journaling

The approach Becky suggested is not an autobiography, it’s not a scrapbook, and it’s not a traditional journal. It does NOT look like starting at the beginning of your life and working your way through all of your life experiences with a chronological approach. It looks like whenever you feel inspired with a random memory from ANY time of your life, or some thoughts about something that’s on your mind NOW, that’s when you make a page.

The Method & Result

Beginning with the end in mind, the goal might look like a book (or a series of books) that capture the essence of your heart. Becky’s recommendation for designing and adding photos is the Project Life app.

Attainable for the Win

To keep this kind of project attainable, Becky suggested telling one story at a time, one page at a time.

Naming Your Project

Choosing a title that resonates with you will be a fun part of the project, and it will help to guide you in an ongoing basis.

This is Your Modern Story

Becky said, “This isn’t a record of what you do… but rather who you ARE.” The collection of pages is your modern story! What an incredible, tangible thing to pass down, but even if it’s not for anyone else, you will personally be the one that benefits the most.

To find more inspiration from Becky, you can take a FREE mini course called “My Modern Story”. Follow @beckyhigginsllc on Instagram for all things documenting and memory keeping.

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