veggie tray

Love List: This $5 iced veggie tray is a summertime game changer

This veggie tray will be at all  your summer picnics.

We all love those summer parties, backyard BBQ’s or even playdates at the park. But you know what we don’t love? When your refreshing fruits, veggies, or salads don’t stay cold.

It’s hard enough to choose veggie over chips, so when the veggies aren’t cool and crisp, it’s an even easier no. This little $5 find from Walmart is solving that problem! The Mainstays Acrylic Appetizer-On-Ice Serving Tray is making the Studio 5 Love List. Prepare the tray, fill the bottom with ice, top with the lid, enjoy! This would be cute neighbor gift, treat tray for a friend, snacks for a new mom, the options are endless!

Find it here for $5.


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