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Love List: The hair brush that reached legend status

The rumors are true! This is the hair brush that changes everything.

It started as a rumor. Then grew into a rumbling. And now we can confirm: the hair brush that sells out the second it’s stocked really is that good.

We’re adding the Glow Hair Brush to our Studio 5 Love List.


This Hair Brush Will Change Your Life

Some products are popular…and some reach legendary status. And, as far as we’re concerned, the Glow Hair Brush makes the mark!

It’s a wet brush, by definition. It has metal bristles that painlessly detangle hair. There’s also a drainage hole to prevent water retention. But the real magic of this brush is how it feels on your head!

The result is a spine-tingling scalp massage that feels just as good as the real thing!

Created by Arizona-based stylist Marissa Larson, she founded Glow Beauty Hair on the belief that healthy hair only happens with intentional tools and products.

“I was done with the hair tugging and headaches,” she wrote. “I wanted a quality brush that also felt luxurious.”

And while it’s true that the brush is hard to keep in stock – Glow Beauty just re-stocked for the holidays, so now is your chance.

Visit and snag yourself this cult favorite for about $30 – before it’s going, going, gone (again!).

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