thanksgiving downtime
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What to do with Thanksgiving downtime? We’ve found your new fave group game

Gather everyone up for a game during Thanksgiving downtime.

Are you tired of the turkey trot? Well, we say try this at home.

Studio 5 Producer Harlee Hunsaker found the perfect game for the entire family to play during your Thanksgiving Day downtime.

There is no limit as to how many players can play, it’s easy enough for the grandkids to get involved, and strategic enough to keep the aunts and uncles entertained.

Each person will need dice, and only one person will need the app “BANK!” Search “Bank dice game” in the app store to refine your search and download it for free. The app will explain the rules of the game in four simple steps.

Harlee is confident it will be the perfect game for your family this Thanksgiving, so give it a try!

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