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Cami Packer

Make your home a family love nest! Here are 6 super simple ways to do it

Make Valentine’s Day about the whole family by making your home a love nest.

This season of love is a good time to not only celebrate romantic love, but to expand feelings of love to the whole family! Family life can sometimes bring pressure and stress to our homes and to our relationships, but simple connections and memories can really go a long way in fostering a feeling of love and unity at home.

Cami Packer shares six ideas for cultivating a love nest at home.


6 Simple Ways to Make Your Home a Love Nest

  1. Make a heart photo banner. Print out pictures of family members, cut into a heart shape, and use mini clothespins to attach to a length of ribbon.


  1. I love you because…Cut hearts out of construction paper, and give each member of the family a heart for every person. Have everyone write “I love_______because…” for each member of the family. We hang them up on a cupboard in the kitchen, and I often find my family (even teenagers!) standing there, reading their hearts.


  1. Play the Newlywed Game…family style! The key to feeling loved is feeling KNOWN. Get to know each other better with questions.  Use a dry erase board, or simply a sheet of paper, and take turns being the subject of the question. Earn a point for every answer that matches the person’s answer.


  1. Share the love with others. Work together to assemble little treat bags for neighbors or send a Valentine package to a family member. Use craft paint and a fingerprint to make heart shapes, use a pencil eraser to add polka dots, or use a paint brush to add stripes in valentine colors. It shouldn’t be perfect; the point is to have everyone contribute to creating something that can be shared with someone else.


  1. Make a photo booth backdrop. Choose a wall in your home to set up a little photo backdrop. Even siblings who don’t get along all the time might be glad they have a silly picture together someday. 🙂  Tape packing paper or wrapping paper to a wall with painter’s tape, and add hearts cut out or crepe paper streamers. I went for simple with this, so the backdrop doesn’t take away from the people in the photos.


  1. Customize fortune cookies for your family. Print out a small strip of paper for each family member with a personalized message, and fold it up. Wrap a store-bought fortune cookie in a damp paper towel and microwave for about 20-25 seconds, until the fortune cookie is soft. Working quickly, carefully open fortune cookie and remove the fortune, replacing it with your custom fortune. Fold cookie back into shape, and let it sit. It will harden back up quickly. Dip in chocolate and sprinkles if desired.


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