Make Over Your Man

Fashion fixes for your man’s top style mistakes!
No more oversized clothes, Hawaiian shirts or bad haircuts.
Amber Evans, from Stars Talent Studio, shares tips to help you make over
your man.

A makeover especially around Valentine’s Day, whether subtle or more
dramatic, might be just the fine tuning to keep your heart fluttering!! It’s
time to turn off the autopilot and start feeding your marriage or
relationships. Here are the Top 3 Ways to Makeover Your Man:

1. WEAR THE RIGHT SIZE & COLOR. Select outfits that are the right
size. Clothing that is too big or too tight will not flatter you. Also, get in
the habit of trying on the outfit or at least holding it up to you while
looking in the mirror to see whether the color of the item washes you out
or enhances your appearance! If you need help with colors, stop by Stars
Talent Studio in Draper, Utah and set up a consultation to learn your color
palette. Visit

for more information.

Discover what stores or catalogs meet your needs! Some men’s closets
need an extreme makeover and have become stale and musty with the
same clothes that have been there for the last ten or fifteen years…some of
the clothes are so old that branches are starting to grow out of them. Time
for a fresh look!! Hire or bring someone shopping with you who is fashion
savvy that can help you purchase items out of your comfort zone. If
shopping in stores isn’t your way to update your closet, try going online.
E.g. or Get rid of all
the old or holey
clothes, purchase new underwear and basic items that are current and
allow you to mix and match. If your budget for your “new” look is
restrictive, then shop smart, and try some local thrift stores (hint: nicer
areas of town have a better selection). This can help you purchase $1000
worth of designer clothes for only $100 by thrift store shopping!

When changing your hairstyle, be sure to consider
complementary facial hairstyle changes as well. The style of cut or even
color should be elevated to see if it best suits your face shape and hair
type. Ask your hair stylist what they suggest for your new cut and style,
and consider getting rid of your goatee, beard, moustache, sideburns or
whatever whiskers may be growing. If balding, stylist may recommend
giving your head a good, clean shave. Next review the eyebrows and see if
they may need trimming. Hint: you should have two, not one that merges
across your brow! Women, the next time you pluck your own brows, make
sure he sees that it takes effort to achieve perfectly arched brows. Then,
offer to do “just a little plucking” for him to see what he thinks.

*Women if you are helping your man with a makeover, remember to
compliment, compliment, and compliment! We all know men appreciate
feeling valued, so kindly compliment what he does right! Guys during a
makeover may be stepping way out of their comfort zones and often
default to feeling uncomfortable and need a bit of reassurance that they
don’t look ridiculous while moving forward on each step. However after
doing these 3 steps, you will be amazed at how much a change in your
everyday appearance can inject a whole new sense of energy and

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Amber M. Evans is the owner of STARS Talent Studio. Her talent
agency is the #1 Talent Agency in the country that is devoted to developing
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