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Make the world better by learning more. 5 ways to elevate the way you learn

Learning more can resolve a lot of today’s issues.

Think about the last time you learned something. Not just passively learning by coming across a post on your Instagram scroll, but when was the last time you actively sought out knowledge or new ways of thinking? In some cases, personal learning, thinking, and growing were habits reserved for the classroom.

Studio 5 Relationship Contributor Dr. Matt Townsend says many of the problems we are facing today could be resolved if more people were actively learning. He shares ways we can elevate our lives by elevating our learning.

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5 Lessons in Learning More

Learning Lesson #1- Humility Whether “Sought” or “Caught” Fosters Learning!

Learning Lesson #2- Taking Action Is Required for Profound Learning!

Learning Lesson #3- Trust That You Know More Than You Think You Know!

Learning Lesson #4- Learning Is Incremental…It’s Not All or Nothing

Learning Lesson #5- Learning Is The Path to A More Whole Life

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