Massage Chair Therapy: Valentines’ Twosomes

Dr. Alan Weidner with Massage Chair Relief shows Studio 5 viewers what a good idea that is!

1. The Human Touch 1650 for her

-It has a classic look that can fit into any decor. It is available in Cognac and Black. It looks great in an open living space. Females enjoy the fact that it doesn’t look like a typical massage chair, very stylish.

-For all those ladies that beg their man for a foot massage every night, check out the foot massage on this one! It gives the most amazing foot and calf massage, it does kneading and vibration on the feet and calves and it’s all in an ottoman that conveniently retracts and stores underneath. This feature adds to the appeal of its style. The foot massage not only feels good but it increases circulation by 50 percent. So for those that have chronically cold, achy feet or are prone to vericose veins, have swollen feet or ankles at the end of the day, diabetes, restless leg syndrome, this will change your life!

-If your tired, achy area is your shoulders and neck, this chair has a fabric cutout area that allows the rollers to get into that musculature and really break things up and get it moving again! Chronic headaches, back pain, hip pain, joint pain, and muscle fatigue will be a thing of the past after you start using this chair everyday at your convenience!

2. The Panasonic 3007 for him

-It has a sleek look, upholstered in a great black faux leather that holds up to wear and tear, plus it has rich, dark wood accents on the arms

-It offers a little bit more aggressive massage to get in there and work those muscles that are sore at the end of a day’s work.

-It has great compression on the calf and foot that increases circulation.

-It has a memory function so that when you program it, using the manual functions, the chair will remember your settings. The next time you sit in your chair those settings are just a button away!

-Whether you engage in manual labor or endure the stress of owning your own business OR suffer from the repetitiveness of office life, this chair will address and ease your most challenging body aches and pains and can possibly change the way you feel permanently!

Massage Chair Relief’s Valentine’s Day special includes special pricing on select chairs PLUS customers will receive a 300.00 VISA gift card, Bonus Gifts, FREE SHIPPING and FREE WHITE GLOVE SERVICE.

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