MD Diet: After Hours Snacking

Jared Lundahl, the Diet Guy with MD Diet, says that at one of MD Diet’s nutrition classes, you’ll learn that eating after hours results in over 75% of what you ate going directly to your fat stores.

Here are some fundamental rules you should follow “after hours”:

1. Never eat 3-4 hours prior to bed when possible.
2. Always eat your smallest portioned meal for dinner.
3. Make sure your last meal consists of 75% protein
4. Make sure if you eat too close to bedtime that it is easily digestible

Late night eating is a big problem for dieters. They do well during the day but have major problems at night. Here are some ideas to help you stop or slow down after-hours munching:

1. Eat three good meals daily and enjoy one or two snacks between meals. A lot of people avoid eating too much during the day but then go overboard at night. Think in terms of eating everything before 6 PM

2. If you get the urge to eat, drink two cups of water or have herbal tea with honey. Hot liquids help soothe appetite

3. Remind yourself that it’s normal to want to eat after hours, but think how great it will be to lose those 20 to 30 pounds and you won’t if you do.

4. Don’t hide the junk food. Better still don’t even buy it. If your kids love it, try something healthy for them.

5. Brush your teeth after dinner. You won’t want to brush them again after having a snack!

6. Don’t sit in front of the TV, especially an hour after eating. This is when you’re most prone to snack. Try working on hobbies or reading or even walking

MD Diet also recommends their line of Protein Drinks as a substitute for eating a late night meal. For example, try the Meal Replacement Protein Drink. It’s great for your last meal of the evening and if you’re going to bed earlier than four hours.

The Protein Snack Drink is great as a mixer with your evening drinks or a cold glass of lemonade on a sunny day.
Hot Protein drinks are also great mixers, but also good for late night driving instead of coffee loaded with sugar.

A Protein bar is also good. Eat something that makes you skinny rather than fat. Natural options might also be cottage cheese, peanut butter and celery.

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