MD Diet: Fast Food Fixes

But dieting and eating properly doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself or spend a great deal of money.

Jared Lundahl, “The Diet Guy” from MD Diet, gives us tips on making the right choices when eating on the run or on a budget.

It is important to use common sense and eat fresh foods more often than fast food. But there are times fast food is the only option, and when that is the case there are ways to make better choices


You don’t have to choose chicken over a burger – instead, choose a burger wrapped in lettuce (not iceburg)…he’ll bring an example and talk about the value of protein and how it really doesn’t matter much if one chooses chicken over meat as long as you are combining it with a vegetable. He’ll also touch on the effects of meat/chicken and vegetables on our bodies and the digestive properties that go along with it.

Choose a sandwich with spinach and no carrots – spinach not carrots because carrots are very high in sugar. The spinach is more green and better than even Iceberg lettuce as that has very little nutritional value. He’ll bring an example.

Chicken Nuggets vs. Chicken Sandwich

Eating fresh over processed can really make a difference in both the health of us and our children. Processed foods, such as chicken nuggets, when eaten over time tend to clog our internal organs with chemicals foreign to our bodies. The better choice is to purchase the chicken sandwich and cut it up for dipping. He’ll bring an example.

Rice Bowls

It is important to know what protein actually is….meat, eggs, dairy, cheese, nuts, beans, soy, tofu and whey products. When you combine protein with an actual complex carbohydrate food, such as brown rice over white, it makes the body work harder, and therefore lose weight more readily. So choose brown rice and add a protein. He’ll bring an example.

Fries, Pasta and Bread

If fries, pasta and breads are your thing, then make sure when you make that food choice you also make the right choice to keep moving. Don’t eat them and then sit in front of the computer that day…choose to eat these foods when you know you’re going to be out of the office that day. Or, if you will be in the office, then make an effort to walk to the other end of the building.


Drink water! Water is the body’s natural cleanser. You want to be tight, lean and toned….it’ll only come by drinking fresh water…And of course exercise!!!
Choosing a carbonated beverage robs the body of oxygen. Without oxygen our body can’t operate fully, and this leads not only to disease down the road, but also inhibits our body’s ability to lose weight. One can of soda will kill your diet for a day and a half.

Even that innocent lemonade is essentially just sugar water…Ten to twenty minutes from the lips to the hips.
In summary, use common sense when choosing foods…if it lasts long under the heat lamps, then it is going to last long on your hips.

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