Needle Felting Fun

It’s a new year and how about trying something new in crafting? Kris, of The DIY Dish, introduced Brooke to the charming art of needle felting! Once you try it out, you might just be surprised at how easy it really is! With a little wool roving, a barbed needle and a felting mat, you’ll be ready to go!

To create the beautiful jewelry that was demonstrated on today’s show, simply felt several beads of any color. You will do this by pulling several tufts of wool roving and layering one on top of the other in different directions. Begin rolling the roving onto your felting mat and repeatedly stab the wool into the desired shape. The wool fibers will tangle together and begin the process of felting. Continue this method as the shape begins to tighten and become more firm. Look for soft spots that need continued felting. Once you are satisfied with the results, you can either leave it alone, or you can take a small amount of dish soap and hot water in a bowl, and dip your bead. From there roll bead between the palms of your hands to get an even more firm result.

String beads alone or intermix with other glass beads, large or small. Add embellished fabric flowers if you choose. The possibilities are endless! For directions on making the satin fabric flowers, Kris taught this same technique on a previous Studio 5 appearance. You can find the link here:

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