Neumont University: Expanding Your Horizons

Stacy Hughes, Communication Manager at Neumont University appears on Studio 5 to offer hope to future students.

Neumont’s enrollment applications have tripled while traditional liberal-arts colleges are worrying about losing students. What is Neumont’s secret?

Students at Neumont University begin in the classroom, but move into project-based learning, giving them professional experience while in school. Students typically are placed in problem and project based teams of 3-5 people, giving them a more focused and catered hands-on experience. Building connections with these companies while still in school definitely gives Neumont students the upper hand.

What are some examples of companies hiring Neumont students? Are they national companies or primarily local?

Both. Companies like IBM, Oracle and eBay work directly with Neumont students—but many of their students prefer to work within smaller/entrepreneurial companies as well. There are many diverse opportunities and career options available for students.

What is the typical tuition for a Neumont degree?

A: Tuition is about $28,800 per year before scholarships. Keep in mind—this is for a 2 year Bachelor’s degree (180 accredited program) as opposed to a traditional, 4 year Bachelor’s degree at another college.

Is the tuition price a concern for parents and students?

Americans in 2009 have modified their attitudes about every investment, including education which needs to deliver a return. Mom and Dad need to know what they’ll get for the tuition and Neumont is very transparent on that. 94 percent find employment within three months of graduation. Very few other Universities can guarantee that high of placement.

With the current economic crunch, can students still get the financial aid to make a college education possible?

There are three basic ways to pay for college, scholarship, loans, and grants. Students are encouraged to apply for Neumont scholarships and to look into private scholarship options as well. During your senior year you should begin to look at funding college as a part time job, spend a few hours per week researching and applying for scholarships. Every year, thousands of dollars in scholarship money go unclaimed because nobody applied for the award. Additionally, in the next few months you can expect to see some improvements in the available federal grant and loan packages available, if you are planning on attending college you should begin your FAFSA application now (even if you don’t believe you qualify) so that your university can help walk you through the federal and private grants and loans available. There are many different federal and private loan programs out there based on credit worthiness and need, so there really is a funding option available for most financial circumstances – paying for college should not be what keeps you from reaching your educational goals.

Did the founders of Neumont University open the school with the idea that Neumont students would experience a non-traditional college curriculum?

Neumont founders knew they wanted to fill the gap between the needs of businesses and what was being taught in the classroom. That is why their curriculum is very fresh, focused—always staying on top of current trends. Also, their innovative students love this approach.

To learn more about what Neumont University can offer you, go to its website at Their South Jordan campus is located at 10701 South River Front Parkway, Suite 300. For information on admissions, call 1-888-Neumont .

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