New Moon Premier Party

Whether you side with team Edward or team Jacob, Studio 5 Executive Producer, Michelle Kettle Torsak shows how to plan an unforgettable party.

You can create a fabulous party by planning a single element in each of five areas:

1. Select a big impact idea: Incorporate a “big” idea into your party. It both “wows” your guests and sets the theme for the party – it also serves as your décor.

• Create an eye-popping caramel apple bar that becomes your centerpiece. My inspiration for this idea comes from party planner Amy Atlas who creates yummy eye-candy with her dessert displays. You can check out her creations at I think her beautiful backdrops give her dessert buffets a unique look that is easy to recreate.

Look for a place in your home where you could hang a backdrop. I have a curtain rod in my kitchen that works perfectly for this. You will need about 2 ¼ yards of home décor fabric which is wider than regular fabric. Simply hem around the edges and attach Velcro to create a pocket, allowing you to hang from a curtain rod. If you don’t have a curtain rod, you could also attach to the wall using Velcro or some other temporary method.

Push a table against your backdrop and add unique serving pieces to complete your display. Cake platters, vases, cracker jars, trays, apothecary jars, and flower pots all make beautiful containers.

• Grow your own “Twilight” tree by simply spray-painting branches and placing in a flower pot. Make themed “New Moon” décor by printing web images on paper and slipping inside clear glass ornaments.
Source: Glass bulb ornaments; available at Michael’s or Robert’s

• Create vases of ruffled tulips to mimic the original cover of “New Moon”. It’s easier than it looks and Martha Stewart provides a general tutorial at . While this particular tutorial shows instructions for making a rose, the materials and process is the same except that you will cut your crepe paper into teardrop-shape petals. Cut small slits in white crepe paper and ruffle edges. Spray lightly with red paint to achieve the cover look.

Source: Folded crepe paper; available at Zurcher’s.

2. Create tabletop charm: A charming table sets the stage for what’s to come and let’s your guests know that this is special.

• An easy way to carry out the theme by creating your own dishware. My favorite way to do this is by creating temporary designs on melamine plates through vinyl cut-outs, stamping, painting, etc. Clear glass plates sit on top of the melamine plates to serve the food and prevent contamination.

A great way to decorate plates is by printing an image on clear decal paper and adhering to the plate. When done, it simply peels off.

Source: Window decal paper; available at Office Depot

• Print “New Moon” labels on sticker paper and re-label bottles of Jones Soda for “blood red” drinks.

Source: Downloadable templates available at Hostess With the Mostess blog .

3. Add the personal touch: Include your guest’s names and/or small gifts to make it personal.

• Create a treat bag for each of your guests to nibble on during the movie. Fun ideas include a red velvet cupcake, vampire cookies, or “New Moon” Sweethearts candies.
Source: “New Moon” Sweethearts candies; available at Walmart and Blockbuster stores.

4. Find one fabulous food: Pick something unique that you are going to specialize in and will garner lots of compliments for being fun and different.

• Serve a simple pasta salad with breadsticks and make the caramel apple bar your “fabulous food”.

• To create a caramel apple bar, set out a big bowl of apples and sticks. Place melted caramel in fondue pot and provide a variety of toppings and suggestions.

5. Initiate interactivity: The best parties are those in which guests interact in new ways and that is often initiated by the hostess.

• I found a game that I just love called Vampire Count. It was developed and originated right here in Utah by game guru Dave Platt and it is unique in that people of all ages and interests can play and will love doing so.

Source: Vampire Count; available at the following locations or by calling 1-888-668-8291.

Book, Game, & Toy Stores:


Little Monkeys
& Fruit Heights
Hobby Center
Lake City
Tutoring Toy
Lake and Provo
& Springville
People Play
Mall Provo

Grocery Stores:

Winegar’s Roy
& Bountiful
& Centerville
Allan’s  Provo,
Orem, & Springville
Ream’s Springville
Lee’s      Ogden,
Logan, Smithfield
Macey’s Tooele
Dan’s Salt
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