New Web Tools to Simplify Your Life

Technology Expert Sarah Kimmel shows us how to harness the new online tools for your own good.

This is a great website that lets you use tools to plan your menu, pick out recipes, and even send the grocery shopping list to someone else’s phone so they can pick up the ingredients on their way home.

Their slogan is “Remember Everything” and with their online tools, that’s actually possible. You create a “notebook” on your computer or other mobile device. You can clip web articles, take pictures, grab photos, save voice messages and store almost anything you need to remember. The notebooks lets you store it all and retrieve it from any device.

The old version of keeping track of finances by putting money in envelopes is revived in an online version. The envelopes keep track of your money, and you can import information from a variety of financial institutions and retrieve it from any of your computing devices.

Sarah is a technology expert who uses that information to help organize her life and the lives of others. You can visit her website at and .

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