Oh Sweet Sadie Art & Gift Show

A couple of creative Utah moms, tell how their unexpected partnership has launched a different kind of boutique business. The Oh Sweet Sadie Art & Gift Show travels to model homes in the valley. It’s a clever approach that connects all creative women.

And, the Oh Sweet Sadie ladies, Heidi Loewen and Dani Lassiter, share their five creative faves with Studio 5. Five choices for unique Utah crafters that are getting noticed by shoppers and their pocketbooks.

Dani & Heidi’s “Five Creative Faves”:

1. Berylene Frampton
(hand dipped chocolates)

2. Tara Thueson
Bitsy Blossoms
(car litter bags)

3. Janet Kinkade
Jewel Kade

4. Jeni Gochnour
(hand painted gourds)

5. Jamie Bringhurst
Studio JK Vinyl
(wall vinyl)

Find out more at http://ohsweetsadie.com

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